Scrolling bug, sort of

While both the netbook and the desktop are running Windows 7, this only happens on my netbook. (Maybe the netbook isn’t 64-bit; I know the desktop is).

In any event, the bug, 1.0.1: if I do not have the footer showing on the editor, I can’t use the mouse-drag-text-selection to scroll through the document. With the footer that works fine.

(If that’s not clear: I want to select an amount of text using the mouse. Normally, I click and hold, then move through the document to the end of what I want to select. If the footer is on, I can scroll down to whatever, and when the mouse is at the footer, the document scrolls down. If the footer isn’t on, my mouse gets to the bottom and nothing happens. Scrolling can happen with the mouse wheel, but it is a REAL pain if I don’t have a mouse on the netbook at the time.)

On the desktop, it scrolls either way the view is set up.


Thanks, I’m looking into this. Could you confirm you’re still getting this behavior with the 1.0.3 update?