Scrolling Card Synopsis Info Directly in Corkboard View

Might there be some way to scroll a card’s synopsis information directly as it sits on the cork board – rather than opening the inspector and scrolling each card individually there?

My synopses often extend beyond the space available for them in cork board view – especially when cards are many and space on the desktop is tight. The ability to scroll a card’s synopsis directly on the cork board would not only ease the desktop cramping often experienced with the inspector open, but would also reduce distractions of repeatedly opening and closing it.

So, if corkboard card synopsis scrolling is possible and has merely escaped me all these years I’ve been with Scrivener, please advise how it’s done. And, if not possible, then suggest consideration as a candidate for future feature improvement.

Thanks. :wink:

No, this isn’t possible, and won’t be, I’m afraid. The reason is that, in order to scroll in OS X, items have to be in a “scroll view” (a special control that contains anything that can scroll on OS X). So, for this to happen, each and every card would have to be placed inside its own scroll view. But at the moment, each card is just drawn - the cards are not separate controls or views. When you double-click on a card to edit it, then a scroll view and text editor are inserted and made to look exactly like the drawn text on the card. When you end editing, the scroll view and editor are removed and the card is back to being nothing more than a drawing. This keeps things fast. If every single card was a separate control with separate scroll views, then it would slow things down significantly, and would also cause other problems, such as how scrolling through the view as a whole would become more difficult, only possible when the cursor is in the interstices.

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Okay. Having been unable to locate such an obviously beneficial feature within Scrivener’s enormous set of beneficial features led me to suspect either that it was hiding just beyond my capability to detect, or that there must be some technical obstacle that stood in its way. Thanks for solving the mystery.

Well, Keith, to my pleasant surprise I just discovered the long-sought index card scroll-bar feature that lead to my earlier inquiry. While in cork-board mode I quite accidentally double-clicked an index card whose extended synopsis ran well beyond the space within the card’s border – and the text changed.

Oops! I thought that I deleted something or made some other dreaded mistake.

But as I looked at the card I gradually realized I had stumbled over the means to access the index card scroll bar on the cork-board proper. All that’s necessary to produce this is for the card to have too much text to display within the size allotted to it, and the user to double click the text on the card. Voilla! The scroll bar appears.

Magical program. Amazingly well-thought and designed software. Thought you’d want to know…

Oh, yes, sorry, I thought you knew you could to that already, or I would have mentioned it. :slight_smile: When you double-click onto a card, a text editor box gets inserted into the view hierarchy, and all of the text of the synopsis is in that and can be scrolled through. It’s just when you’re not editing a card that you can’t scroll through the contents, for the reasons I gave before.

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,