Scrolling in editor

Let’s say you’re viewing a single, fairly large document in the editor.

With the cursor positioned at the top, pressing PgDn will scroll you 1 screen at a time, based on the height of the window. So it might take 4 or 5 PgDn presses to get to the end, or PgUp presses to get back to the top. That is as I’d expect.

Now let’s say you’re looking at that same doc, along with 2 additional docs, in a multiple selection scrivening. In this case, the PgDn/PgUp keys seem to jump directly to the end and/or start of each component doc, so that if starting at the top, pressing PgDn doesn’t actually scroll through the composite scrivening on a screen by screen basis, but instead jumps to the top/bottom of each component doc, or something to similar effect. So the same 5 PgDn presses that had been scrolling you through the single doc, now traverse the full length of the scrivening, with multiple screens-worth going undisplayed. The regular Up/Down arrow keys work as expected, as does mouse scrolling. But is that how the Pgdn/Up keys are supposed to work?

I feel like that is something that shouldn’t happen. If it isn’t much trouble for the programmers, I would suggest making Pg Up/Down do one page at a time and maybe Ctrl-Pg Up/Down to do document by document.

This is partly a limitation of how the current Scrivenings session works, stacking multiple editors on top of each other. We’ll be overhauling the code for this in the next major version to create a more integrated session and the navigation through the different sections and page-by-page view will be cleaner as well, with Page Up/Down acting the same as when viewing a single document and Go To > Previous/Next Document working within the session.

Thanks, MM.

I don’t recall noticing that before, so wanted to be sure I wasn’t overlooking something, or that something had changed.

I agree with Sanguinius that simple Page Down/Up should be a screen by screen with both single and multiple selections, and that Ctrl should be used for document to document. The worst thing would be if the same behavior (screen by screen scrolling) worked differently in single and multiple views. Of course, if all those commands could be customized, that would be nice too. :mrgreen:

Not to beat a dead thread, but I do hope this gets addressed in the next release.

It complicates using multi-selections, often making it preferable (if not strictly necessary) to not use multis at all, even in situations where, if they worked correctly and/or as expected (in this case I feel those are one and the same), they’d be ideal.

Multi-select Scrivenings are one of Scrivener’s most compelling selling points. It’s a shame not being able to put them to use, precisely (I find) when they’d be most useful.

Just out of curiosity, is this an issue only on the Windows side, or on Mac side, too?

As I said, this will be addressed in the next major version, which will have an updated Scrivenings mode like the Mac version, treating the session as a single editor rather than multiple stacked editors. That will allow the Page Up/Down to work as you’re expecting.