Scrolling is always down[ADDITIONAL INFO]

I just recently downloaded Scrivener for Windows after many months of seriously contemplating buying a Mac because Scrivener seemed like exactly the program I needed, other than the not working on Windows thing. I was ecstatic when a Scrivener-using friend told me y’all had a WinBeta out.

Okay, giddy fangirlism out of the way, here’s my bug report. I did a search on this forum to see if anyone else had reported it, so I hope it’s not a duplicate. I’m using version 1.3 of the code, on Windows Vista Home Premium.

Whenever I’m viewing text, whether a single text at a time, or a larger group of texts together, and I scroll using the middle scroll wheel on my mouse, it always scrolls down. Even if I’m scrolling up with the scroll wheel.

This may be true of any scrolling in any view, but at the moment, none of my other views, like corkboard or outliner, have enough stuff in them to require any kind of scrolling, so I can’t check those views.

I can not duplicate this at all. I looked at one file, all files, in fullscreen, in regular screen, in a side editor. My scrolling goes up and down using the click wheel. I actually had to find my mouse and plug it in to test this. Also, I tested it on my Vista computer as well.

Does your scroll wheel work normally in other programs? Are you looking at files in full screen or regular? Does it do this in all files that you have? Or is it one specific file?

The next question is going to sound weird: what font are you using?

  1. Yes – scrolling works fine in other programs.
  2. Regular. That said, I just checked it in full screen, and it does the same thing there, as well.
  3. I only have one file. Or perhaps I have many files that are all part of the same project? I’m not sure how the program structures things, exactly. But it’s true in any part of the project that is long enough to require scrolling. I’ve since added enough text to have the ‘outline’ view require scrolling, and it only scrolls down there, as well.
  4. Verdana. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s the default for the program, or if it picked that up when I pasted in from Google docs.

My track pad decided to stop working just before the beta started, had small heart attack trying to find mouse, now that i have it i have been using the scroll wheel a lot and i have not come across the inability to use it upwards in scrivener either. I don’t know what would cause you to not be able to scroll up wards though sorry.

1.3 on Windows 7 (32-bit) Home Premium.

I can confirm that the scroll wheel in my Logitech wireless mouse on a Windows XP sp3 box also will only scroll down.

This is absolutely bizarre. I’m not sure where to start with this?

Is it possible to try another mouse - I’m not suggesting that’s the solution, I’d just be interested to see if that makes a difference.

I would try that, but when I tried installing Scrivener on my Dell Inspiron 1520 (also Win XP SP 3), it gives me an error message and doesn’t even start up (see my 2nd post to the boards); that would be the only way for me to try different pointers–either the built-in track-pad, or the other wireless mouse we got for the laptop (I don’t have it on hand at the moment, so couldn’t tell you what it is without going digging–though I suspect it’s also a Logitech).

If it helps, the scrolling wheel works fine on my computer. It’s a Dell Inspiron running Vista.