scrolling is extermely slow while press up/down arrow key

scrolling is extermely slow while press up/down arrow key continually.

  • this bug was revealled in scrivener 2.0 ( MacOS 10.5.4 / Mac PRO)

In Editor window, when I press Up/Down Arrow key(and PageUp/PageDown key) continually, text scroll speed is extremely slow down.
But scroll speed is normal with mouse wheel. Also, When I press Up/Down(PageUp/PageDown) Arrow key repeatedly, scroll speed is normal.

Please check this bug. Thanks.

I would check the bug if I could reproduce it or had more information. :slight_smile:

Same here. What information do you need? It is a bug in the newest built that I downloaded today, not the one on the release day.

First, copy and paste the text into TextEdit and see if the speed is the same there.

If not, then next open up the console (~/Applications/Utilities/ and see if any errors are getting logged as you scroll.

Also, have you got anything installed on your system that might affect such things? What OS are you on (OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6)?

Are you using typewriter mode?

The only thing I can think of that would affect this is that Scrivener does a quick full redraw now after scrolling, to fix a bug in the OS X text system that can cause smearing. But when you scroll with the arrow keys, it shouldn’t normally scroll line-by-line, but a few at a time, so it shouldn’t make too much difference…


  • Much faster in TextEdit!

No errors

I’m on 10.6.4 - I haven’t noticed any slowdown with the version I downloaded the first day of the Scrivener 2 release a week ago. Hm…



I can’t reproduce this either. I have 5,000 words in a single text document, and pressing the down arrow continuously as described seems to operate at full speed. What other variables do you have going on? Scrivenings mode? If so, how many documents are a part of the session? Any graphics and if so do you happen to know their format? What else do you have open in the program? Are there any QuickReference windows, splits, etc and if so what is in them?

Maybe this was SIMBL / Afloat related. Somewhere I read that these hacks/plugins may cause trouble. I deinstalled them and now scrolling in Scrivener is as fast as in TextEdit :smiley:

Definitely sounds like the guilty party, then. :slight_smile: I’ll add that to my list of things to ask about in performance related issues. I bet it’s a lot more rare than spell checkers and disk cleaners, but you never know.

Here it was, the developpers of DevonThink recommended removing them … mit=Search