scrolling position at bottom when writing, can this be chang

When writing the page does not start scrolling until you are at the bottom and then new lines appear at the bottom of the page. Is there ayway to make the new lie appear half way up the page? I just feel this would be a more comfortable way of working

Format->Options->Typewriter scrolling. You can also add an icon to the toolbar to toggle this feature on and off.

Thank you, Martin, for asking this, and Robert for answering! I’ve been annoyed by that for a long time, and it never occurred to me that it could be fixed!

Robert, where’s that button to add to the toolbar? I checked the Options, and the best I could find was Typewriter scrolling in new projects, under Editor. But obviously that just changes a default behavior.

Robert is basically a Mac user. Maybe the toolbar button possibility hasn’t yet been implemented on Windows.

Tools->Customize Toolbars->Main Toolbar. The placement of the Format Toolbar/Main Toolbar toggle is confusing (I’d think a drop-down list in the upper left would make more sense). If you can locate that, you should be able to find the button to add Typewriter Scrolling to your toolbar.

And right there it was! Thanks, Robert. My apologies for the density.