Scrolling problem


I have a very specific problem with scrolling in Scrivener, on Mavericks, with a Logitech “freewheel” mouse. The scrolling is very choppy with the mouse, but seamless with the trackpad. Scrivener is the only application where I see this behaviour. I wonder what could be the problem. I just wanted to let you know, because it is not a deal breaker issue. In the mean time, I use the trackpad when I want to scroll through large sections of text.

Thank you


I had one of those Logitech flywheel mice a few years ago, I really liked it, but I do recall that it uses a more traditional step-wise scrolling, as most analogue mouse wheels do, until you switch to none-locked mode, and then you should be able to gradually scroll by the pixel, like you can with the track pad (though in that mode it’s hard to stop scrolling, unless they’ve increased the friction on the newer models). Another thing I recall is that with the flywheel engaged and a good hard “swing”, that mouse could generate a huge amount of scroll velocity for a very long time, way more than you can achieve with the track pad. And that can look “choppy” because the OS is only optimised to handle track pad and magic mouse speeds.

But of course, none of that would be Scrivener specific. Try copying and pasting the text you’re scrolling from Scrivener into TextEdit. In theory it should be about the same, but Scrivener might be a bit slower since it does more around it, but fundamentally that’s the same text editor. If it chops up too while scrolling, the issue is probably the Mac, or maybe the mouse drivers or any utility software you have in between (such as programs that make customising the buttons easier).

Yeah, you’re right about Textedit, there is the exact same problem there. I’m glad (and I guess you too) to see that this is not Scrivener-specific, and I’ll look elsewhere for a possible fix.

Thank you !


Oh, that was fast ! Just to close the case with a big smily :

I tried :

defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool false

in a terminal, then I restarted Scrivener and this was solved ! This is also solved in Textedit by the way.




Good tip! Now if only NSScrollViewRubberbanding worked on 10.10 as well! :imp: