Scrolling speed when selecting and deleting

I love Scrivener.
I am seeing the following using Scrivener on an iPad air 2, latest version of the iOS.

  1. If typewriter scrolling is enabled, the Select function comes almost unusable, because when I select a word and then try to move one of the “handles” to select a larger block of text, the scrolling speed is extremely high and I end up selecting the whole page in a microsecond. The best I can achieve is selecting a line at a time with the most fleeting of touches to the screen, if I am lucky.

  2. (Comment, not bug) If I disable typewriter scrolling, it improves, but the scrolling speed still seems a bit more sensitive than in other apps. I was just comparing selection of text in the MS Word app, and it feels much more stable; until my finger leaves the edge of the text area, the text sits still while I select phrases or lines. In Scrivener the page starts scrolling as soon as I am above or below the center of the screen, and the sensitivity makes selecting text a little too volatile for my tastes. Is there a setting for this somewhere that I am missing?

  3. When typewriter scrolling is enabled, I see a second behavior. If I use the back button to delete multiple lines of text (which I am doing because “select” and “cut” is too volatile), the visible insertion point bar showing cursor position lags behind the actual progress of the deletion, meaning that if I stop when it reaches the right point I find that I have deleted a line or two of text above what I wanted to delete. I have to keep stopping to see where I am really up to. This does not seem to happen with typewriter scrolling turned off.

The obvious workaround is to turn off typewriter scrolling, but I do like that feature…

Since I am not seeing others reporting this, and yet it seems the kind of thing folk would notice, I’ll mention that I also have the Hemingboard keyboard installed, not because I have any knowledge that that might be a factor (I have no idea what can interact with what) but just because it is the only thing that occurs to me that might be different about typing on my iPad.

ETA: I just had issue three with typewriter scrolling turned off. Maybe that one’s just an iOS weakness that I am associating with Scrivener because the scrolling issue has driven me to long deletes in Scrivener…

Although I’m no expert, what happens in Word can never be a guide to problems in Scrivener as Microsoft use their own text engine for everything, not the TextKit provided by Apple which Scrivener uses.

I think these scrolling issues are known, but I imagine they’re TextKit issues, rather than anything in the Scrivener code. Whether Keith can find a way of slowing it down, I have no idea. The effect in typewriter scrolling may possibly be more open to adjustment, but as I say, I’m no expert, just a long-term and I hope reasonably informed user.



I’m not sure if this is the same issue or not, but since updating to iOS 10, I’ve noticed lagging, specifically when using the arrow keys — really any operation having to do with the arrow key: using them to move line by line, in combination with the option key to move paragraph by paragraph, using them with shift to select text, or combinations thereof.

Sometimes the lag is slight, sometimes it makes Scrivener unusable. Typing is largely effective, which is the only firewall keeping Scrivener usable. Avoid the arrow keys and you can still type unhindered. But combine this with the delete key bug and things are beginning to feel really buggy.

Can someone confirm this problem?

For what it’s worth, three months later, I have a similar problem. I’ve solved it by using the arrow keys on the iOS version’s tool bar (sorry, can’t remember its real name!) to select text. Works pretty well, though not as fast.

I am having the same issue. Bought Scrivener for iOS just a couple of days ago, but can’t do any serious work because of that.

No other text app on my iPad mini behaves in such a way.

One thing to bear in mind, where it comes to drawing comparisons between different programs, is that we are using a text editing component that is not commonly used and is still relatively new to the system: RTF. Nearly everything else out there, particularly the popular stuff, is using TXT which is far less complicated in terms of how much background code is necessary to even boot it up. It could very well be the base complexity (and age, unfortunately, as much of it comes from old OS X code that hasn’t been significantly modified since Tiger) of the foundation itself, before we even get the point of Scrivener’s comparatively thin layer of logic, is the source of the slow-down. Additional processing on top of that (like typewriter mode) my exacerbate the issue, but that doesn’t make at any easier or possible to fix.

That said, I just tried three other text editors (TXT), and found one to be roughly the same as Scrivener in terms of laggy cursor movement while a selection is active, maybe even a little worse.

Crazy that four years later this is STILL a problem and scrolling is nearly impossible using a finger or Apple pencil.

Scrivener is not the only app with this problem. I’ve had problems with Ulysses, with Firefox, even with Safari.

The selection routines provided in iOS do not work well with long text passages. Period. They’re optimized for text messages and short emails. I suspect that the “jump” as one scrolls down or up is a “percentage” of the number of lines in the entire text body. The longer the text you’re working on, the more this becomes a problem.

The only solution I know of is to either a) get a hardware keyboard, or b) use the selection mode in Scrivener’s extra keyboard row. iOS Scrivener selection is eminently usable with the extra keyboard row. The other apps I’ve listed above are much tougher to deal with as they have no such feature.