Hi. Just wanted to drop a request, in case you don’t have enough of those already ; ) Scriv is still serving me well, and i don’t have anything to complain about, but i would like to suggest a feature for full-screen mode- one of those simple, subtle features that i love discovering in software. Currently when i’m reading something in FS mode and i arrow down, it moves the cursor as one would expect in a word processor. But when i’m just reading through stuff, i keep thinking it would be nice if each “arrow-down” would move the “page” instead of the cursor (as it would in a web-browser, for instance). So how about this:
If cursor x is >= scrollbar x, arrowdown moves page instead of cursor.
? Couldn’t hurt, eh?

Keep up the good work!

The latest 1.1beta 1.07b added a keyboard shortcut to an existing feature which might approximate what you’re looking for. “Typewriter Scrolling” keeps the cursor in place (centered vertically), and scrolls the document.