Scrtheme file greyed out

Using Mac v.3.1
Trying to install a new theme.
Downloaded Dracula and one other.
When trying to import themes, .scrtheme file greyed out.

  1. How can they be installed?
  2. How to create my own background/color scheme in the editor?

For #2, make changes in Preferences and save a new theme at the location below.

For #1, load a theme at the same place.

Themes are not cross-platform compatible, and .scrtheme files are for Windows only. Mac themes will have the extension .stheme.

I suppose, if you apply a theme on one platform and sync or move the project to the other platform, you can save a new theme, converting the first theme to some extent.

Do projects really carry that much theme related settings? :thinking:

More than zero, I think. I don’t care enough to test it.

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The theme only saves program settings; none of that is saved in a project. You can however save most project settings as part of a project template, and those can be imported on either platform (or recreated from the same project on either platform, however you choose to go about it).