Seach in Status w/o Highlighting Text?

I confess I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature. I’m trying to keep my revision organized by using the status label for my various documents. Periodically I go and make a collection called the “to-do list” by searching for statuses “To do needs” (for my “to do” statuses and my “needs revisions” statuses).

I set “Search In” to “Status” and “Operator” to “Whole Words.” The search executes perfectly, returning the documents I want, but the text has highlight on all the words that appear in the query, even though the query was supposed to be only looking at the status label. Quite frustrating, as to, do, and needs show up fairly frequently in any given text, and I don’t really want them to be yellow.

Once I’ve saved the collection, is there a way to keep it from highlighting the words I was searching for?

This is just a bug and I believe it’s already been fixed for the next version, so that the terms only highlight when appropriate (e.g. if you search in status, it won’t highlight terms in the text).

Excellent. I’ll look even more forward to the next update.

Thanks for the speedy reply.