Search and Replace[BUG LOGGED]

The search and replace is rather difficult to use for such a routine feature. When I go to search for a word, if I ask it to find next, it’s very hard to see where the word is highlighted. The gray is extremely subtle. If I click to Replace All, there’s no message indicating that the search was completed. The first time I did it, I wondered it had worked at all.

Thank you Garridon. I am not entirely sure what Lee has planned with regard to making this process easier. The Mac version gives a very noticeable highlight as a word is found before becoming subtle. Duly noted though. Appreciate the feedback.

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Re: Search in Scrivener for Windows - I have noticed the described issue, but also, I find that when I am in full screen mode, I can’t see any of the highlighted words, gray or otherwise, until I exit from full screen mode. Also, when performing the search I find that the search will jump to the primary word, but none of the successive ones (by jump, I mean that the search continues to perform, but the text is not advanced to the new word with the search).

It is a little annoying that the search doesn’t appear to work in Full Screen mode. Granted, that is appearance only, as the search is actually being performed, but it doesn’t display in full screen mode.

I am currently using Windows Vista, with all the current updates up-to-date (yes, that’s funny. Please, don’t laugh)