Search-and-replace for multiple documents

Is there such a thing as a search-and-replace command that will search for an item and replace it in multiple documents in a project? (For instance replacing " - " with " — ")

There’s “Project Replace”, found under Edit->Find. You can also do that replacement at compile time using the compile setting’s “Replacements” tab, which will leave the original project untouched.

Hm. Not what I’m after. Darn.


What is it exactly you’re trying to do?

Project Replace is the right tool for replacing a string of text in multiple documents, so if that’s not working for you, we need more details of what you want to do.

I know Project Search, but how do I invoke Project Replace?

Edit, Find, Project Replace.

Didn’t work. It said “not found”. So I went into one of the documents and searched, and there it was.

Oh, wait, I unchecked “whole words only” and it replaced 44.

Thanks, Devin!