search and replace in doc titles

Please forgive if this is already answered somewhere but my searching didn’t come up with anything close.

I’ve been doing non-critical work in Scrivener and am beginning to import live projects. The import created scene-1, scene-2, etc. doc titles. I’ve been manually bringing across the scene titles from Index Card-generated RTF files, appending them rather than risking a break in the doc structure.

However, even when I search for e.g. Scene-1 nothing is found. And a replace all has no effect?. Is the doc title encapsulated enough in Scrivener for this to work, or will it not work because of the Windows file structures?

Cheers and Regards,

Hi Ron,

This should be possible. Go to Edit > Find > Project Replace. Make sure only the title box is ticked. Hope that helps!

Brilliant! It worked perfectly. Thank you Stacy!

You’re welcome. Glad it worked!