Search and replace invisible characters

I have copied and pasted a lot of texts to different documents and when the formatting did not work properly I saw when I showed invisible characters that I had New Row-characters instead of New Paragraph at the end of each paragraph.

I cannot find a way to change this except going through all hundreds of paragraphs and change by hand. Search and replace does not seem to work with these invisible characters.

What do you suggest I do?

I wouldn’t mind an answer to that as well (even if it’s “We’ll have that in a future version”). At present I don’t think it’s possible in Scriv for Windows.

As DavidR said, Scrivener can’t currently search on most non-printing characters (though this will be coming in a future version), so this is something you’ll need to do outside of Scrivener. Your easiest option might be copying and pasting the text to another word processor and doing a find/replace on the character there, then copying it back to Scrivener.

No, sorry that is not easy. Since it is over fifty texts allready copied and pasted into just as many separate documents. I’ll have to redo the whole work or go through each document by hand. Honestly! That is a quite fundamental function, I think.