Search Bar Non-functional

I have been going through the program tutorial. When I reached step 12 of part 2, I discovered that my keyword (or project) search bar does not work. I typed in collection as directed, without any luck. Nor do any other words pull up any search results. Suggestions?

My guess is that the search parameters are still set for the keyword search, so none of your search terms are producing results. Try clicking the magnifying glass in the left of the search field and selecting “All” from the top “Search In” list. You might also want to try changing the Operator to “Any Word” or “Whole Word” to produce more results.

You’ll also need to make sure the binder is visible, since that’s where the search results are displayed; if you happen to have hidden it, then when you run a search it will look as though nothing has happened. You can show the binder again by clicking the leftmost icon in the main toolbar (of the blue spiral-bound book) or selecting View > Layout > Show Binder.