Search behavior: auto-selecting text

I’m sure this is addressed on the forums but haven’t been able to locate it this morning without my coffee. It seems to me in most programs when you search (find), return continues you to the next hit. In Scrivener, that first search takes you to the first hit and selects the text; so a return, or typing of any kind, overwrites that. Is there a way to toggle that off?

Thanks guys!

Actually, the standard on the Mac is that cmd-G takes you to the next hit, which is how it works in Scrivener.
Hope that helps!
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Hi Keith, Ioa, David,

In the middle of writing my MS, I needed to a project search and replace. I checked all of the boxes, as I wanted the replacement to affect everything, including the notes. But in my Project notes, there is still the old name that I wanted to replace, and the search pop-up box claims that there are no occurrences of that name.

Are the notes in the inspector what’s referred to as “note” in the search and replace dialogue box?

And if not, will this be addressed in 2.0?