Search bug with List type custom metadata

I have created a custom metadata field called “Day”.
It’s a list-type, with items like ‘SVQ 01’, ‘RON 02’ etc.

I search the binder (cntrl S) for items where this field contains ‘01’, with ‘Any Word’ selected - the correct results are returned.

I search again for ‘01 02’ with ‘Any Word’ selected - no results are returned.
I get the same behaviour with text strings.

Doesn’t work for me neither.
Perhaps a RegEx would work…

It works if you put those in as keywords instead of as in a custom metadata list. So, if you are not already using keywords for some other purpose, perhaps you could fall back on that.

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Curious if do 01 (unique word like Xanax) 02 to see if any word function would then search for 01 02

Using RegEx, you can search for 01|02.

(| is RegEx for OR.)

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Thanks for the bug report. This should indeed be working fine, as can be tested against custom “Text” style metadata. Unfortunately the nature of the bug means regular expressions do not work either.

I’d like to point out that searching on Section Type also doesn’t work for multiple section type names.

I tried adding some custom section types to the Windows tutorial project (on documents in the Draft folder), and then tried to search on “X Y Z” with “any word” selected as my search criteria. If I only search for one of those 3 section type names, the documents tagged with that section type show up, but if I add more than one, separated by space, I get no results.

Likewise with regex selcted and the search term “X|Y|Z”. I tried “(X|Y|Z)” as well, but no results. Again, if I just entered “X” or “Y”, or “Z”, the correct documents showed up in the search, but trying to search on multiple values fails.

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at least for reg ex if configure multiple search terms this way does work. Example that I have used.
ie \b(x|y|z)\b