Search by Label

For my binders I created a bunch of labels. However, when I search for labels, the system displays only one item a time. I haven’t found a way around it.

Question: How is it possible to list/display all binders that share the same label?


Is there another word you would use to describe “binder” (perhaps folder)? In the program and documentation, the binder refers to the blue sidebar on the left side that holds all of the items in your project. It is not a “thing” in the sense that you can put a label to it, or manipulate it directly. If you mean folder, then do be aware that as with most things in this program, inheritance is not implied. If you assign a label to a folder, and that is the only item in the binder that has that label then it is the only thing that will be returned by search. Each item within the folder that needs a label has to have one assigned to it.

Thanks for your answer, and sorry about the binder-folder mix-up.

You’re right, what I’m talking about are Status assigned to folders and subfolders.

In my case I assigned a Status to each folder. For illustration’s sake, say every folder is now coded Status A 1, A 2 or A 3.

When I go into search, search by Status, I can’t figure out how to get a comprehensive viewing of any of my Status codes. Search invariably returns either nothing or just one find a time. It’s kind of irregular which adds to the question mark. Is it me doing something wrong, or maybe the relevant system functionality (to “filter” by Status) is simply not there ?

Thanks, again, in advance,

Okay, I’m seeing normal behaviour in my copy. Here is the test that I ran, so you can copy the steps and see if it malfunctions on your system:

  1. I created a new blank project
  2. Added two documents in addition to the Untitled one; named them A, B & C
  3. Assigned “First Draft” to the first two documents
  4. Assigned “Revised Draft” to the third document
  5. Hit Shift-Ctrl-G to search and typed in “First”
  6. Search results shows both A & B
  7. Erased the search term and typed in “Revised”
  8. Search results return C
  9. Erased again and typed in “Draft”
  10. Search returns all three documents

I then selected all three documents in the search results list and converted them to Folders, to see if that is the source of the problem, and went through the search-based steps again. I got the same results with folders.

Let me know where and if that process breaks down for you, and if it doesn’t try to provide a list of similarly detailed steps that lead the situation you are seeing in your current project.