Search by Regular font/typeface character format style

I edit Vedanta lecture series into books. Our style is to italicize Sanskrit words. Often single words are interspersed among English words in a sentence, and it is hard to manually verify that these have all been italicized. I cannot find a way to search for these common words using “Regular” font style (Typeface), to find the stragglers. I tried unchecking all the font format options in the Formatting Finder window, but that did not produce any search results (searching on a word that I knew existed in the document with Regular typeface).
I had to compile the document in Word and use advanced Word search criteria to find the words, then locate them in the Scrivener file and fix them.
Can you please add “Regular” as a character format choice in the Find by Formatting feature?
Thank you.

We’ll have some tools in the next big upgrade that will address the type of thing you’re looking for. Not only that, it will have proper styles so you’ll be able to handle all of this more semantically than simply using font variants.

Great news. Thanks.