Search Collection: doubles


I made a Collection out of a search (status: to do). I found now that all the results in there are double. Once in normal color, once in a pale one. Is this a feature I don´t get or a bug?



I bet you have some deleted copies. Search results will return items in the Trash as well. These will typically be at the end of the list (though if you’ve moved the Trash above the bottom in the binder, that won’t necessarily be true) and have a “faded” icon appearance, which might be what you are describing as pale. If they are getting in the way, just empty your project’s trash can, but they can be safely ignored otherwise.

Ah! That´s it, thank you! Even though I wonder how these items got into the trash. They are in the binder, as supposed, and again in the trash. Maybe I did something I don´t remember.

Yeah I don’t know, maybe you accidentally duplicated once, and then trashed the duplicates.