search does not find apostrophe or quotes

I can’t search for text that includes an apostrophe like this: Tom’s
It can find Tom in this case but not Tom’s or Tom’ or 's .

I assume this is because the same character is used for quoting phrases. Normally the way to handle this is to only allow the outer pair of quotes to identify the phrase with the contents including the opposite quote like this:
or sometimes just escaping the special character like this:
Even better is to treat unmatched quotes as regular text.

I didn’t see anything in the Help or the Forums about this issue.

I’m using v1.03 on a MacBook Core 2 Duo with Mac OS X 10.4.10

To reproduce: create a document with I’ll or Tom’s or some other possessive, then search for it.

This is my first posting, so please forgive any errors in form. Thanks.

Download ver 1.055b and give it another try. :smiley:

Word of warning though. For compatability, Scrivener will ask if you want to update your files. Once you have done so, don’t attempt to reopen them using version 1.03, as this will corrupt them.

Thanks for suggesting the beta. It was worth a try, but I still can’t search for words containing single or double quotes.

I’m a big fan of Scrivener, so I’ll live with this minor defect.

Interestingly, testing this out I’ve just discovered that Scriv can find such words if they’re in the title, synopsis or notes of a document. Just not in the body text.

I have no idea why that should be.

This is easily explained, I think. Presumably you have smart quotes turned on. In which case, straight quotes and curly quotes (or apostrophes) are completely different characters. So if you search for a term with an apostrophe in it and you enter a straight apostrophe in the search field, only documents containing that term with straight apostrophes will be returned. Titles etc are plain text so by default will use straight apostrophes. Try copying a term containing an apostrophe or quote from the body text into the search field and then search - it should then be returned.

So, the problem lies in the fact that you are searching for different characters. The solution is to avoid search terms that use apostrophes or speech marks. :slight_smile:


That explains why I wasn’t seeing the problem. I’ve got Smart Quotes turned off. Thanks for erasing my frown Keith.

Roy :slight_smile:

By jove,he’s got it! :smiley:

When I did a copy and paste into the Search box, the search worked correctly even with version 1.03.

Thanks for the help!