Search doesn't find all instances of a word

I am searching for all instances of the word “no”, which occurs throughout my project in every text file. Using operator=whole word (plus options=select draft only), only six out of twenty eight text files are returned in the binder column. :open_mouth:

If I deselect ‘search draft only’ I get all my jpeg files too, none of which have any text, nor do they have the word ‘no’ in their titles.

If I search for “[space]no[space]”, operator=exact phrase, the routine seems to work fine, and every file is returned.

Am I doing something wrong? :confused:

Regards, Leigh

iBook G4, OS 10.4.8, 1.3 GHz, 768 Mb RAM.

Could you send me the file and give me more details? “Whole word” should return, e.g, documents with “er, no way”, but not documents with, e.g., “know”.