search doesn't work in new project?

This is on version for Mac. I’m running OSX 10.11.1.

I made a new project using the “blank” template. When I type a phrase into the “search” bar, it neglects to search one of my folders (that happens to contain 90% of the project content in its child documents.) Most (or all, not sure) of the other folders in the project seem to be included in the search results.

Is there a setting somewhere that excludes folders from search? This hasn’t happened to any of my other projects. I’ve been using Scriv for years and have never seen this except in this particular project.

I tried creating a new folder, and moving all of the sub-documents to the new folder. No luck. They still were not included in project search results. Very strange.

Thanks for any help

Check the search options, available by clicking the arrow at the left edge of the search box. Inappropriate search options are the most common cause of unexpected search results.

Probably not relevant to this issue, but I’d recommend upgrading to Mac OS 10.11.6, just to make sure you aren’t dealing with bugs that Apple has already fixed.