Search entire doc & highlight the items found automatically?

I’m sure it’s somewhere – how to search a scriv project or chapter for a word AND have it automatically use one of the colors to highlight that word, say in yellow, for later editing.

While I can search for a word, and it temporarily highlights, it doesn’t STAY highlighted until I’ve cleared them. I can’t search for the word ‘down’ and have them all highlighted and then search for the word ‘over’ and have them highlighted in a different color so that the next time I open Scriv, I see these and can fix them at my leisure.

Make sense?

You can turn off the way the search highlighting gets cleared by going to Preferences > Text Editing and unchecking “Editing clears search highlights”. That should help.
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But it still won’t leave them permanently highlighted, as if selecting and clicking the highlight button.

You will need to do this manually…


True, but it will leave them highlighted so long as the search table is visible, so you will be able to go through all the documents, see where they are, and edit… I would have thought this was more useful than physically highlighting them, because once you have edited you would only have to get rid of the highlight anyway…

Thanks, Keith!

I wouldn’t want to have to manually highlight or un-highlight them. Tried it out and this works perfectly. Ah! the joys of editing once the story is done. :unamused:


Okay, this is better than the FInd & highlight combined feature within Word. If I don’t need/want to change the highlighted word in Scriv, I just scroll down to the next instance. In Word, I’d have to manually change it back. Good call, Keith.