Search Feature Bug for Scrivener 3.0 Windows Beta

Hello, I’ve been using Windows Scrivener for years and I’ve tested the 3.0 Beta since the beginning. I’m building an Epic Fantasy universe and therefore I need to use the “Search Feature” quite a bit while I’m working. I’ve noticed that a Pop-up message appears whenever I click the little magnifying glass icon to utilize/activate a search. The message that appears says: “Could not load PDF file for printing.”

This message is created through another tab window that automatically opens called “PDF Loader.” I don’t understand what this message has to do with me simply searching terms I created within my Scrivener file, so it doesn’t make sense that this message should automatically pop up every time I try to initiate a search - especially considering that the Scrivener 1 never did that and Scrivener 3 for Mac doesn’t do that. Combined with the fact that I need to click “OK” for the 7+ times as it reappears again and again before it finally allows me to do a search, this seems most definitely like a bug in Scrivener 3.0 Beta for Windows.

I’ve downloaded all of the updated versions and I’ve been waiting for these issues to be addressed/fixed, but it has not yet, so I thought I’d submit it myself in case you all are not aware of this. I’ve attached some screenshots to be as clear and helpful as possible. Thank you for all you do!

[attachment=1]Screenshot 1.png[/attachment]

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2.png[/attachment]

Moved to Beta forum. – Katherine

This search icon is a “Project Search” function. From the message it looks like that you have PDF files, which are either password protected, or missing, which is causing the project failed search warning.

We could not reproduce the problem, but if you upload a demo project with dummy contents showing the problem, we are happy to look into this further,