Search feature requests

I use Scrivener for years, love it, so I’ll start with a big THANKS!

Two small requests that will add some search extras.

1 - mark all occurrences.
In search results, when all search string occurrences are yellowed on the page it would be greatly helpful if the sidebar would show the relative location of each occurrence.
Inspired by VSCode - there small colored lines along the sidebar show you the location of all occurrence, relative to each other and the page. This way you get an instant feel of how many occurrences are on the page, and can directly find each.
Even better: if the Find box (Ctrl+F on my mac) would also offer a “Mark All Occurrences on Page” option, and have them in a different color than the yellow highlight of the global search. Currently the way to look for all occurrences on page is via the global search, which I find cumbersome, especially if you are already in the “Search Results” mode.

2 - Search Results counter
When in global search mode (searching via the Search the Project magnifying glass on top right), the Binder lists only pages where the search term appears - that’s prefect.
Would be even perfecter if it could show the distance from the previous page.
I imagine it as a number, appearing in the Binder, by the page title, counting the number of pages this page is from the previous page that has the search term.
This way you won’t loose the overall view of the project, which happens on the Search Results viewing mode.

That’s it, many thanks!

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I am totally in for an indicator of how many hits there is per document for the documents project search lists.
Many times I come to think how great it’d be not to be looking for hits, being not even sure there is more than the one the editor auto-scrolled to.
Something that would look like the option to display sub-documents count, perhaps.

This I am pretty sure you can forget about already, most likely not gonna happen, as there are no pages in Scrivener.
Even in page view, it is merely a sim.

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I agree. What you say would be a great addition.

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doesn’t have to be pages. number of words? of characters? anything that’ll represent location, relative to the entire project. Might as well call it “depth”, shown as percentage.
anyways, personally the search hits indicator is way more important, almost daily.