Search -> find document -> but where exactly is that document?

When I search for something, and I find the document I’m looking for, I’m having trouble figuring out where that document is - as in, which folder or subfolder? Presumably there’s an easy way to do this?

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  1. COMMAND OPTION R will reveal the document in the binder.

  2. View > Editor Layout > Show Header View will also show name of the current document. If you hover over the name, a panel will appear showing the full path of the document.

  3. If the header view above is enabled, you can right click the document / folder icon in the header view and select Reveal in Binder or Path to locate the document.

Do any of these do what you want?

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

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What does COMMAND OPTION R mean?

Hi SuzanneJoyRiley. It’s pressing ⌘+⌥+R at the same time to invoke the shortcut.

That’s a Mac keyboard shortcut; there must be an equivalent for Windows, but as a Mac user myself, I don’t know what it is. Click the Help menu and in the space type “Reveal” and it should show you “Reveal Document in Binder” and where that command is. There it’ll tell you the shortcut.


In Scrivener 3 on a PC, that keyboard shortcut is Win+Shift+R or Navigate > Reveal in Binder.