Search for colored comments and footnotes?

I am sure this has been answered, but I can’t find it in the Manual, and it’s not in the Forums.

So, how can I search for colored comments and footnotes?

For every comment I make on my text, I give a color code : PURPLE means to check or insert a citation, RED: get more evidence, ORANGE: insert image, etc. The comments act as place holders as I work my way through a large text, making an inventory of the things I need to check. Later, I’ll go through it, and check, for example, ONLY citations (with my reference manager open next to Scrivener), or insert ONLY the images I want (with Aperture open next to Scrivener).

In order to do this, I would need to list just ONE COLOR of comments, either in “Collections” or in the Inspector window. Thus, I’d have all purple comments in the Inspector (or in Collections) to check all my comments.

If this is not to be, is there another way to accomplish this same task? I am already using revision colors to keep track of text I change between revisions, so I don’t think that would work.

Thanks for any help! Rich

This isn’t currently a way to search for inspector comments by colour. For this reason, I use text tags (as well as colour) for things that I know I’ll want to gather. For example, I type “TODO //” in front of every note that is for the to-do list. One advantage to this is that it gets found in inline annotations, which I use as well as inspector comments depending upon the type of note. Inline annotations, incidentally, can be located by colour, using the same Edit/Find/Find by Formatting... tool that you use to search by revision level.

We may have some better ideas for comment searching in future versions of the software. There are a few ideas on the long-term list for consideration, so I don’t anticipate the answer that you cannot search by colour to be permanent. We’ll see, though.

Thank you…! I’ll try that out. R