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When I try to limit my search to a specific color (highlighted or the text itself), Scrivener won’t show me any results. If I search for all colors, it works. Funnily, when I search for red colored text, it will show me the results. Any other color though …

It seems to me that this is a bug. I use the current version ( of Scrivener.

EDIT: Custom colors seem to work, but the standard colors don’t (except red colored text).

Thanks, it looks like the colours from the format bar buttons are not matching up with the other menus (e.g. Format > Highlight), so they are not being found correctly with the Find by Formatting tool. I’ve filed a bug report for this. In the meanwhile, you can create custom colour swatches for the highlighter and text colours you use, so that you will be able to select those colours from the “More…” option in Find by Formatting. To do that, select the highlight colour in the format bar menu, then choose “Show Colors…”. The selected colour will appear as the large swatch on the right; click “Add to Custom Colors” to add it to the grid.

Hi I’m having the same issue, no way to search highlights by color and not even if these are custom colors as mentioned in your post. Find by Format just returns all highlights as results… Hope this gets fixed soon.

Screenshot (271)

Sure you limited search to the right color? Works as a charm for me…
Also works not checking and selecting Limit search to color…

Yes I’ve limited to the correct colors, and even tried doing custom colors as suggested. No matter what the search identifies the highlights but does not differentiate the colors, I’ve also tried searching in Selected vs All documents with no difference. If it works fine for you it may be triggered by something else. the only thing I can think of is I ‘converted’ this project from the previous version (although my highlights have been made in this version). I’m going to try with a clean document and report.

No difference, I’ve tested it with a clean file.

I can’t embed photos to show.

Now I understand what the issue is, I can confirm it.
When you Limit search to color, Scrivener should limit the search to the selected color and the program does not, it finds all highlighted text.

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Yes exactly! Also forgot to add I didn’t realize the original post was so old, it came up high up on the search, I’m having this issue with the latest version of Scrivener 3 for Windows

Thanks, I’ve bumped the original ticket that was filed for this.