Search function disappeared?

This morning I was prompted to update Scrivener’s software which I promptly did. The update downloaded and installed, but when I logged back to the program, my search bar (on the top righthand corner of the application) had disappeared and my “Search Results” tab is frozen on my last search and cannot be disabled. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions on how to get the search bar back and working properly again? (I fear that whatever has gone wrong may have affected some of my actual work within the program since other parts of the application are not working as they should…) Many thanks in advance for guidance on this!

I’m not sure why it disappeared, but you can add it back by using the Tools ▸ Customize Toolbars… menu command. Select the “Main Toolbar” in the top right, and then look for a “Search bar” entry.

I appreciate your helpful advice, but even when I follow your clear directions, the search bar doesn’t reappear on my screen - I’m still able to search for a keyword through other means, but I haven’t yet been able to restore my normal settings. (Even the Restore Defaults setting in the Toolbar application doesn’t return my formatting to its original setup.) Is there anything else you think I should try? Thanks!

Maybe the toolbar is too narrow? If that’s what is happening, you’ll see an “expansion” icon on the right side, that when clicked will slide out whatever buttons cannot be displayed.

Could help to post a screenshot, of at least the top portion of your window.