Search function in Mac

Hi everone! I asked this question in the Windows forum a few months ago, but now I am ONLY using Scrivener in Mac and that answer did not work.

My question is how to sort in Mac. To give you an idea, I am a wine student and have set up my file by grape identity (i.e. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and about a hundred others A - Z). Right now there is no order.

The windows person said to go to “Documents” and “sort by” but this actually did nothing when I tried it in Mac. Any other advise?

That should be working on the Mac as well, maybe the procedure you were using on Windows was slightly different however. What you need to do is select the folder or container for all of these different types of grape, and then use the Documents/Sort command on the folder. It’s a command that sorts an entire folder rather than sorting items, if that makes sense. I just tried it a second ago and it seems to be working fine.

Thanks! Appreciate this (I did not use the very top folder before)