Search function issues?

Not sure if this is a bug or I’m just not doing it right… I’m usually able to search and find specific word combinations, but have stumbled across a situation where it isn’t working. Trying to figure out why.
For the purposes of clarity, the phrase is “mixed-technology facilities” in quotes as typed here. When I type "mixed-technology for the binder search, I get one set of results, but as soon as I complete the phrase to “mixed-technology facilities”, I get a completely different set that focuses on the word facilities rather than the phrase. Neither search retrieves the result I’m actually looking for (I had to search for another unique phrase that I knew was in the same document). I’m a paid subscriber using 3.0.1 for windows.
Any ideas what’s going on?

Check your search options. Those are the most common cause of unexpected results.

Thanks; where would I find those options?

Click the magnifying glass at the left edge of the Project Search bar. Probably you want “exact phrase.”

Also, don’t use quotation marks to enclose your search phrase, as then Scrivener will look for quotation marks in the text.

I see what you’re suggesting. No, that doesn’t resolve the issue and, in fact, seems to have no or unhelpful effects. For example, a search for any word of the phrase produces the same incomplete results as searching for the exact phrase, but inverting the results produces a long list of inaccurate results.
Additionally, the quotes were used in this example because, as I noted previously, they are in the text and should show up in the search; however, they do not. Their inclusion or not doesn’t seem to make a difference anyway, as neither method provides the correct results.

Yeah, invert shows you all the docs that DON’T contain the search text. :grin:

As a test, I added “mixed-technology facilities” to doc All Set in the Tutorial.

Scrivener Project Search was successful in finding it.

Here’s the result:

Here are my Project Search settings:

@swajsofa Hopefully you’ll see something in my settings that helps you. If not, try rebuilding your search index, via Save and Rebuild Search Index. (In the File menu, directly under Save As.)