Search function not working for all status tags

Scrivener 3 on macOS 11.6. Each of my chapters has a status tag selected (which I have renamed for my purposes to reflect the POV character, if it matters). I can run a status search for all the status names I have except one, which for some reason is coming up blank. I re-edited the status tag with the name, then reselected the status for each appropriate chapter, no dice. I also ensured these chapters were included in the compile function, in case that matters.

I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions! Thank you!

Searching for status is pretty much just like searching for any text you’ve typed into the item anywhere. So you shouldn’t normally have to go about resetting things as you have, as all that really matters is that the word is there, and that the search settings you are using would not exclude it.

So I’d be inclined to suspect the search settings are inadvertently set in such a way to exclude these items, somehow. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the left of the search text field to examine them, and maybe try using the option toward the bottom to reset the settings, before going back and selecting “POV” (or whatever you’ve chosen to refer to the status marker as).

As you will note from there, it is possible to constrain the search by include/exclude status—but by default all items are searched.