search function not yielding results

Hello. I am searching for the word “rose” which I must have added 100 times to my research. Yet even though I select “all words” I do not get one single result. I should mention I search in “manuscript” but even when I do it section by section I do not find anything. thx

Possibly I set this up wrong. Under “manuscript” I have five sections. I search each section for whole word and include everything yet the results do not show up. Also in the future if this word is so important to me should I set it up as a keyword? thx


I had a similar problem today and I discovered I needed to change a couple settings in the magnifying glass drop-down menu (in the search box at the top, next to the Inspector button). In my case, the word I was searching for was in a text file in my Scratch folder (where I keep writing I’ve decided to cut from this novel, but I may need later).

I’m not entirely sure why, but I had to have “Search ‘Included’ documents” selected, to find the text I wanted in the Scratch folder. Perhaps I need to go through and set items in my Scratch folder as “excluded”? (I had assumed “Included” and “Excluded” refer to the compile options.) If I add “Search ‘Included’ documents”, I get both the instance I just added to my current draft AND the instances in the draft I moved to my Scratch folder.

If you haven’t already found the answer to your problem, I hope this helps.