Search function problem

I have half a dozen projects in which the project Search function does not work–though it works fine in my other projects.

I enter a word known to occur in one of the documents. In some of the projects, the search returns no results. On one case, it picks up several documents where the term occurs but ignores many others (no matter what is selected in the Binder). In that one project where the search catches up a subset of the right documents, the auto-highlighting does not happen.

I have double-checked the Search settings–They are set to the defaults: search in all, search exportable and non-exportable, exact phrase. In all cases, I am searching for words that occur in the text body of documents in the project.

If I start a new empty project and drag all of the folders/documents over from one of these trouble-maker projects, and arrange folders and files in the very same way, the search function works in the new project as expected. Hmm.

Has anyone else seen this? I have no clue what could be going on here.


Powerbook G4, Tiger 10.4.8, Scriv 1.01

Scrivener keeps an underlying XML file with all of the text from your project which it uses for searching (and for Spotlight) so that it does not have to open all of those underlying RTFD files just for a search. It sounds as though this has somehow gone out of sync with the actual text, although that doesn’t explain why search highlighting is not working.

Have you ever edited the underlying RTFD files inside the .scriv package directly?

Could you send me one of the projects that has this issue (to


Yes, it would be great if you could take a look at one of these. On its way to you now under separate cover.


P.S. No, I have never edited any of the rtfds in the project packages–though I have peeked under the covers. :wink: