search function

Thanks for all the improvements in version 020, greatly appreciated.

I love the colours!

I have a pretty large scrivener project and it really helps to be able to search on phrases I know are there, to find my way around at times. The search function is not always finding those phrases, however. I have the ‘all’ option permanently on. And I have been able to find the phrase/page I was looking for by other means (scroll, hunt and guess; mostly). In other words, to be brief, the search funtion is not always working.

Windows, Vista SP2. Always the latest version of Scrivener. 020 at the moment.

Have you checked to see if case sensitive is on (at the very bottom)? I noticed this appears to be on by default, and that would explain why some return and some do not.

Thanks, it was on. I have turned it off. I will repost if the problem persists.