Search function

Searching for a work in a project (Command+F) brings up a window. When search term is found, this window is closing instantly. I cannot see the logic behind this behavior, cause I often would like to search for other places in the projekct, where I use this search item.
I think it would be better to let the window open as long as user doesn’t close it manually.

The ⌘G shortcut will always find the next term that is loaded into the Find panel, even if it isn’t visible. So you don’t need this panel to get around from one search term to the next (and you don’t even need it to start a new search if you have the term you want to find in front of you, as you can select it and press ⌘E to load the selection into the Find panel).

That said, this panel has two modes of operation:

  1. Clicking the Next button (or using ⌘G) will leave the panel open.
  2. Pressing Enter on the keyboard will find the next term and dismiss the panel.

It sounds like you are using the latter mode, so maybe a simple switch to a different way of using it is what would be best for you. On the flip side of the coin there are those of us that would rather not have the panel around—and so having at least one mechanism that dismisses it when searching is quite handy. Otherwise I’d have to constantly be closing the thing manually.

Got it! Thanks!