Search Functionality

First, it may be that I am not using this function correctly. Happy to be corrected/informed.

When I conduct a Find or Search in my novel the sections that have those word(s) in them appear in my binder. I then have to select that section and scroll through my pages looking for the highlighted text.

I would love to see the ability to tab directly to the highlighted text.



I may be mistaken about this, but I believe the keyboard shortcut for “search again” (CMD-g) will take you to the next match, once you have the cursor in the editor.

I’ll try that - many thanks.

The Cmd-G (next result) and Shift-Cmd-G (previous result) commands should work from the binder as well as most places within the project window that wouldn’t otherwise have their own text search going on (like Document Notes). The command will target the main editor, or the one that you were last using if the editor is split.

Confirmed. Thanks for the help! It works lovely.