Search Highlights in Notes

Is there a way to have Scrivener’s “find highlight” function also find highlights in the Document or Project notes? I like to mark up important notes to myself there, key things like “FIX BLAH BLAH BLAH IMMEDIATELY” or what have you, and I’d love to be able to quickly search through the project and find such highlighted references. Currently when I try the search for highlights, it only brings up highlights in the actual body of the document.


That should definitely be working. Try this: click on the magnifying glass for search options. What do you have selected here? “All” should be the one you want—though you could also narrow the scope to just notes to avoid text matches. It sounds like you might just have the Text scope enabled.

I have “all” checked in the search bar, but to clarify, I’m not searching for particular text, I’m searching for highlights. The only way I know to do that is to use the Edit>Find>Find Highlight search. Even with “all” selected in the regular search, it’s not finding highlights that are in the notes field.

(Also tried it with just “notes” selected but that didn’t work either.)

Oh! Sorry, I misread and thought you meant the temporary highlights that project search creates. You are quite right in that case, then. The highlight search tool only operates within the text editor. Perhaps try highlighted annotations?

Ah, thanks. Oh well, yes, I’ll just use annotations or some other text labeling system for searching the notes. I just find it a convenient place to keep that sort of note to myself (heh, in the note field, shocking!) and highlights would’ve been a fantastic way to jump around quickly. Thanks for your quick reply!

I think the main reason for the limitation is that the Inspector might not always be visible, and a search tool that only returns partial results, based on something seemingly unrelated, like the visual state of the interface wouldn’t be very trusted. That’s just a guess, though.

Ah, good point, I hadn’t thought of that. (And this is why, among other reasons, I am not a software designer.) I tend to have it open so it didn’t occur to me. The project finder of course searches and returns results for the notes field regardless of whether the inspector’s open, but it works a bit differently than the highlight finder, at least from the user level (it brings up the results in the binder, etc.) so I can see that it might run into problems. I suppose if I wishlisted it, I’d just make the highlight finder more like the project finder, so that it’d search all fields and return all the results and just allow you to open the inspector to view, as you need to. But that might interfere with others’ use of the highlight finder as-is, since it involves different steps to jump from each instance to the next. Hm.