search icon to reveal binder location

First, Kudos for not radically changing scrivener the way windows constantly changes. I would rather something work imperfectly than change constantly so that however it works I know how to use it. I think Scrivener is excellent as a whole and I need to learn to use it better even though I have come pretty far.

I did my best to search for any speak of this and found nothing. Forgive me if it has been discussed or I don’t realize there is already a better way i don’t know.

In the search results I find it slow to do reveal in Binder to see the location and then to redo the search to go back to the results I have yet to look at. I wish each result had a few icons to its left that could be quickly chosen. I like the one there, but I would also like one which showed the binder location where the editor normally is. I realize opening the binder in the editor may be impossible, but it would really speed things up if there were some way to do it.

With this arrangement I can quickly go down the list flipping back and forth showing the binder location of each result and the content of the result. I find searches to be difficult to make good use of presently.

Or the binder could show in the middle with the synopsis to the right at the same time.

Thanks for the good work and making the program work so well for Macs.

One thing you might try is loading the search results in the editor in outliner mode by clicking the search results header bar in the binder and then choosing View > Outline if necessary. With that, you can then select the search result item in the editor and leave the binder free for displaying the location, and you can use the back button in the editor header to return to the search results in outliner view after double-clicking an item to load its text. You could also open the second editor and link them by clicking the double-arrow button in the footer of the outliner editor, so that you can leave the outline visible and click any item to open it in the second editor, the way you’d normally do with the binder and single editor.

I appreciate the help. I found another way however.

By opening the synopsis finder and searching with in it I can then do the shortcut for reveal in binder. This works pretty well for synopsis searching. I hope I can get it to work for the body of the writing also when I get more into that. I am not really a writer, but someone who has something they need to write. Much of this is foreign to me as a result.

If Keith wants to move this post elsewhere thats fine. It no longer needs to be in the wish list group.