Search improvements

I spent a while trying to understand the current behavior, so please bear with me.

My goal: Find the first especially, but also every occurrence of a specific term in my story text. Not in the synopsis or notes, where it occurs earlier and more frequently.

The obvious way to check is Search. Ctrl-G Ctrl-S. Strange combo, but it brings up search. But nothing is highlighted and “Next” (F3) doesn’t work. It pops up a “Not Found” toast. Odd… why put me on that page then? And why can’t I move to the next document with it?

The behavior:
Search is searching all three fields (text, synopsis, notes), but doesn’t highlight hits in the synopsis. “Next” only works in either the text or notes, which-ever your focus is on; it will not switch between. So if you’re on a document that has the keyword only in the synopsis, you don’t see any indication of the match and you can’t F3 to/from it. And if the focus is in the Synopsis or Notes, F3 won’t take you to any hits in the Text, even though you may be able to see them.

Suggested Improvements

  • Search should highlight even in Synopsis
  • For text that has an active scrollbar (i.e. is longer than the current screen), put a yellow marker on the scrollbar where each hit is.
  • F3 should move between fields. If you hit F3 past the end of the text, move to the first Synopsis hit, and after that, Notes hit, and wrap around.