Search in footnotes?

The search function seems a bit clumsy to me when it comes to footnotes. I must do a project search even though I’m in a certain document, and not the word is marked, but the footnote sign so that I must take a second step to get to the word in the footnote. Please tell me if there is a smarter way…

There is no smarter way at the moment, no, but it’s a good point.

Weel maybe I am the ‘gruff and quirky’ for the moment :wink:

Seems also that Edit>Find>Find Next (or, Command-G) doesn’t locate footnote markers which link to footnotes containing the found term.
Even though Project Search identifies the document containing the searched term and the footnote marker is highlighted, one must scan/scroll through the entire document to find these markers. For longer documents this is a problem. Or, if the term occurs both in the text and in a footnote, one can easily miss the footnote.

Is it possible to enable Command-G to find these?