Search in specific folder?

I’d like to save a search for a certain keyword, but restrict it to a specific subfolder in my Drafts folder.

I’m aware I can kind of get this functionality by using the include/exclude documents feature in the search options (and marking certain documents include/exclude in draft), but that’s not ideal.

Is there a simpler way to search inside a specific folder?


At the moment there isn’t a way of doing this, it is a planned improvement however. There will be a new option in that lower section to search within the binder selection only. This way you could select several folders, one, or even a scattering of documents. Right now a better (though still obviously not a very good one) approach would be to shuffle stuff in and out of the Draft folder, since that is something that can be set as a restriction and it would be much easier to do that then mess with all of those checkboxes. So if you just want to search the files associated with chapter 12, move all of the other files out, is what I mean. Then back in when you are done. It’s probably easier to just ignore the stuff you know shouldn’t be there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info and the tip, Amber!