Search in Synopses

Within the Tutorial in the ‘Going Further’ chapter in the ‘Searching’ document is this paragraph:

I cannot find the ‘Search in Synopses’ option in the Edit > Find menu structure. I thought it might only be added to the find menu if I started from a Synopses, so I tried placing my cursor in a Synopsis as if I were going to edit it, and then selecting Edit > Find, but still have no ‘Search in Synopses’ option.

I’m trying to go through all of the tutorial documents as if I had never used Scrivener 2 and USE each of the tools described at least once, but I cannot seem to access this tool and don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Click on the magnifying glass, then select the options you want.

I’m glad you showed me that. I think I already came across that in another tutorial document but didn’t notice specifically the ‘Synopsis’ option.

But back to my originally query, is ‘Search in Synopses’ an option in the Edit > Find menu structure like the tutorial says, or did it get removed prior to v3 release, or do you have to perform some specific action to get it to show up in the Edit > Find menu?

I can’t find it, either, and you’re right, it does show up in the Tutorial.

Have you tried Quick Search from the toolbar? I like it better than the old Search in Synopses button that used to be in the toolbar, though of course YMMV. It looks for your text in your files and titles as well, not just the synopses, and returns a categorised list. Example:
Screenshot 2017-11-28 16.46.54.png
Since it displays title results, synopses results, and main text results in that order, I find it very useful, especially when I’m having one of those Senior Moments ™ and I’m pretty sure I used the term in a synopsis, but I might be mistaken… :slight_smile: