Search in the Help Menu bar stops application (Scrivener 3)

the Search bar of the Help Menu is not working; it even stops the whole application (Scrivener 3).

When in the Help menu I try to insert a search term in the search bar, a rotating coloured wheel immediately appears that keeps rotating and preventing being stopped and using the application in its entirety. Sometimes, after long waiting, the typed word appears in the search bar but truncated (sometimes only the first letter) and any movement of the mouse or keyboard arrows makes the wheel appear again.
For the rest, all other functions of the application I have used up to now are working very well. But there are so many changes and new functions in Scrivener 3 that I need to be able to access the Help Search.

Would you please help me fix this problem?
Thank you very much

I am unable to reproduce that. The Help system works as expected.
N.B…- I have S3 in the user app directory to be able to maintain S2 at work.

I can’t reproduce this either, I’m afraid. Do you see this in all projects or just one? And is it a problem only in Scrivener?

All the best,

Your profile says Windows. Are you using the beta? Or on a mac? The colored ball sounds like a mac. Whatever it is, restart the device and see if it still happens.

Thank you very much for all answers. The problem is fixed.
I solved it by restarting the computer. The Help bar works well again.

I cannot imagine what happened; Scapple 1.2 started to show the same problem (all other Scrivener 3 and Scapple 1.2 functions, so as the rest of applications, worked well)

Thank you very much again. It is very reassuring to know that Scrivener’s staff and community are ready to help and quick to answer. .