search "included" documents

I have three revision folders beneath my “manuscript.” I would like to control the global search feature of Scrivener so that it only looks at the latest (the 3rd) revision folder.
Page 166 of the manual says:
Search “Included” Documents: Include documents that have been marked as “Include in Draft” in their meta-data. This option can be combined with the below.
But I can’t find any “include in draft” check-off in the folder or the notes meta-data. Advice?

Would it be easier to move the revision folders out of Draft, and then set your options to “Search Draft Only”? The “Include in Compile” checkbox (incidentally found in the Inspector) could work as well, but it’s a per-item setting, so might be a bit too labour intensive for something like this.

THANKS! Does this mean if I remove the “Include in Compile” check-mark from the older revisions that the search can be directed only to those folders/notes that are still included? Odd, I did not see that as a search option on the screen or in the documentation. :confused:

The trick is that “Include in Compile” is a base setting that exists despite any other conditions that might impact an item’s eligibility for compilation. A simple example is a text document in your Research folder. It won’t be eligible for compilation because it isn’t in the Draft folder—thus it doesn’t really matter what that checkbox is set to. The reason we allow that checkbox to be manipulated outside of the Draft folder is for those cases where things tend to move in and out. For example you might want to move some notes into a the Draft, with the Include checkbox off so they don’t get compiled. When you move them back out they will retain that setting in case they ever get moved back in.

So, if you set your search criteria to “Search Draft Only” the it doesn’t matter what the checkbox setting is for anything outside of that folder. You can still use that search criteria (to weed out stuff in the Draft), but since the primary constraint is on the Draft folder anything else you select will only further narrow down results from the Draft folder.

Sounds very logical! What I did was uncheck the “include” for all the folders in the compile step, then chose the third revision folder and re-included it. That seems to have restricted my global search to that folder (and the trash folder). Maybe not very elegant, but… :wink:

In the future we’ll be adding an option that will let you constrain the search by your current Binder selection, too.

That would be terrific!