Search inside PDFs and Imported Web Pages

I don’t know if this is possible on Mac, but it will be really helpful if we can search inside PDFs and Imported Web Pages using Scrivener’s own search tools.

If someone has an idea how can I achieve this in Scrivener v3 on Windows, I would appreciate it.


Indeed this is already available for PDFs and Web pages, if the PDF supports text search.
Press Ctrl+F(Find Dialog) and try searching in any of these. Make sure the editor pane, with the PDF file in it, has the focus.

This works now, but I found a minor bug.

When you search in an imported web page, Scrivener marks all occurrences of the word in the text and in the scrollbar, which is awesome.

The problem appears when I close the Find dialog box: all occurrences of the searched word stay highlighted. Even if I switch to another document and return to the imported page later, the word is still highlighted.

for the time being, highlight an unusual word when you’re done with a multiple result, so this doesn’t present as a bother?