Search is broken! Please help

Hello everyone

I am in the throes of editing the last quarter of my MS, with a tight schedule, and search is no longer functioning. I used a regex search extensively last night, and this morning nothing returns in the search binder.

A recent post suggested keeping the notes/comments section in the inspector closed. Doing that doesn’t help. Closing the inspector doesn’t help either.

I have saved and rebooted. Regular search seems to be working, but I need the search panel for editing. Aaaargh! :imp: :imp: :imp:

Any ideas?

I think I see the issue:

The search field is stuck on the synopsis finder (That is what is currently open in my inspector)
How do I change this back to the document?


The Synopsis Finder graphic is always there: that’s its standard location on the toolbar. It doesn’t have anything to do with the behavior of the search bar.

The sample search in your screenshot looks like it might easily give limited or zero results, since you’re only looking at excluded documents in the manuscript folder. I would try a relatively broad search and see if that works before deciding the search function itself is broken.


That was it! Thank you Katherine.