Search just the documents not the document notes

How do I exclude the notes from searches?


Long version

I have used a £ to signify documents that I need to return to. Searching for £ finds them fine.

But sometimes I have then cut a section of text from a document that includes a £. Rather than deleting it I have pasted it into the notes on the side of that document.

I would like to be able to search for £ and only get back the documents that still have £ in their body. But I get back every document that has £ in its notes as well.

How do I set the search so as to only find the £ in the document body?

If the documents you want to see with the £ symbol are all within your Manuscript folder you could try opening the Search Options dropdown menu within the Project Search tool and choose “Search Manuscript Only”.

In the same menu Kazz mentions above, note that in the top section you can select which areas Scrivener should be searching, within each item. By default it looks everywhere, into keywords, text, synopsis, titles, etc. If you want to isolate your results to only main text content, select “Text”.

Excellent, thanks both. Selecting ‘text’ in particular is ideal.